My Trading Journey on stock markets

How I started my trading journey on stock markets but before this we should talk why i started,

I think that is – that point of time where i have to earn money, at least for myself.

So, I have to start and I had only 3 options at that point. They are;

  1. Online Casino
  2. Cricket / Tennis Betting on Bet 365
  3. Stock Market Trading

You might be thinking – Why these, Why not others?

Probably, the answer is very simple because I rate myself as very lazy guy and I felt that I am not suitable for normal office work.

And I decided to earn money by sitting in my home with my Mobile Phone.

Here comes the question –  Why you opted for No.3 from the above list?

The answer is quite simple,

  1. I don’t know how to play Casino, I left with other two
  2. There is 80% rejection from the community for people who live on sports betting
  3. There is only 30% rejection for people who live on Stock Market Trading

Before this decision I was very actively betting on Bet 365 for cricket & tennis games. I made money, Lost money but all this is Just for Fun, to entertain myself and nothing serious here but now I have an underlying obligation to fulfill and decided to Trade Markets.

Then the question I had was – How to Make Money in Markets?

This question arises to everyone who’s out their in the initial stages. I Learnt things in a very different way because I don’t even know the basics like what is Index, Exchange, Demat A/C…etc

I’m bit selfish guy so, I started searching for a Broker who don’t provide Advisory because whatever I make like Profit or Loss, it should come from my skill & I don’t want other person’s involvement.

One day I met a person and we discussed about this and he told ” If that is the case then open account with Zerodha, they doesn’t provide any advisory.” I confirmed on this and asked him to take care of all the formalities to open account and he done it for me.

While searching I used to watch CNBCTV18 channel right from Morning 9:15 AM to Evening 3:30 PM ( Market Hours )and I continued doing this for more than a month and at Night’s I used to read Zerodha Varsity. ( Suggested by above mentioned guy )

That’s how I started as far as acquiring the knowledge to go and do the real trade. After doing this for more than 2 months and by that time I think..

I used to name more than half a ton of listed company names on NSE and what kind of business they do. I know the margin given by Zerodha for Intra-day trading for apporx 330 stocks at that time ie; 2016

After this I felt acquiring knowledge is enough and Let’s do Practical’s and this will be Part -2. Here you’ll get to know how i started My Trading Journey on stock markets.

Until then, this is Rushi. Happy Trading!

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