What is life according to me

Hey 👋,

I’m posting after a quite sometime now. 🙂

To be honest, I’m not an intellectual or a so called life couch.

But I understood about life when I was travelling back to my hometown from Bangalore on may 9th 2020 by road.

It’s a 7 hour ride and I was using one of my friends bike and for the first couple of hours I was nervous due to multiple check points from police and they are sending back most of them from where these passengers are coming from.

Fortunately, all the policemen were convinced with my explanation and logics and successfully I crossed the state border.

I felt bit relaxed in my mind and I become very slight and I was enjoying my ride with cool breeze hiting my body.

In this process, I realized that I was overtaking few vehicles and there are few vehicles overtaking me as well.

Then I understood that no one can overtake everyone since the vehicles kept coming from different routes to that highway.

And everyone has a purpose to join that highway and none of them are first and none of them are last. They are just them.

More or less, life is also same as this ride. Few overtake me and I overtake few but the most important thing is go in your own speed irrespective of the things you witness so you will be under control of yours.

In short the point I’m trying to make here is “Don’t compare and just focus on what you want to do

That’s it from my end, would love to hear views in the comments and if you want to share something, you can always email me at [email protected]

Hope you all are staying positive & testing negative. 🙂

This is me, signing off!

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