5 things which are doing wonders to my business, you can also implement (step-by-step)

Today we are going to discusses about 5 things which are doing wonders for my business and you can also implement it too.

In this article, we are going to learn these 5 things and more importantly how will these influence our business and make us successful.

So, the 5 things we are going to discuss are as follow’s;

  1. Marketing,
  2. Branding,
  3. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing,
  4. CATT funnel &
  5. Integrated Digital Marketing.


First let we discuss about the Marketing, in fact with real examples;

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him/her and sells itself… The aim of marketing is to selling superfluous.

– Peter Drucker

Here the man Peter Drucker is a big Marketing Guru and what he is trying to say is – You and me, in fact everyone for that matter should use marketing to understand the customer and to figure out what his needs or problems are and not to think about the sales. Because sales and marketing are two different things.

Let me show you the real Example :

There is a company called Zerodha which is into Stock Broking Industry and this company was found by the 2 brothers who are CEO and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) respectively.

This company is the market leader in Retail Broking Industry and they had spent Zero rupees till date because they didn’t created a product to promote. They have created on the pure basis of what the users in the market are lacking and what are the pain points they are facing and that’s it, the product is able to sell itself as peter is saying.

Learning’s – Focus on solving a problem and create a community with your customer to live long in the business.

Product is very important than marketing. If you don’t care about product and focus more on marketing then you get closer to shut your business down. So, focus on solving problems and building relationships.

Even if something bad happen and you shut that business, the relationships which you made with your customers will remain for long, long time.

Now we are going to discuss about Branding, why this is very Important in today’s world?

I think, I should share my own story here because I’m a believer that if one has a skill then automatically he can become a super personality. But I was 110% wrong because I know that I have a skill but in order to get become a super personality hundreds and thousands of people should also know that I have a skill.

To happen this, I have to show the world that I’m damn good at this work and I should also show them that these many people have found it useful and moreover I have to create a portfolio for myself.

By the time I realized this I went bankrupt. After that I joined as a employee in a company and now I started giving some presence to my skills and today’s world online is everything. So do start building your online presence for your product, business and yourself as well.

Big corporates has a separate team called PR but we small business and Individual freelancers should on making a online presence to showcase our talent and performance. (Example – digitaldeepak, this guy has done a great job, which I really admire)

Learning’s – Give your business/talent a online presence and let the world know that they are buy your service/product.

So, when we speak about online presence, we have to speak about Digital Marketing as well.

How Digital Marketing is Different from Traditional Marketing?

In fact the answer is simple, the digital marketing is a marketing which uses the digital medium to market.

Digital Marketing is part of marketing but not the substitute to marketing because fundamentals will remain same no matter what we are promoting.

Traditional Marketing consist’s TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Hording’s, Radio. We can go and do this form of marketing for generic products like soaps, toothpaste, kitchenware..etc

Digital Marketing consist’s SEM (Google Ads, display Ads), SMM (fb Ads, Instagram Ads), Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing..etc

Before this the most important thing is we have to Build a CATT funnel.

  • C – After deciding what problem we are solving or service you are rendering, we have to start creating the content like blog’s, videos, live webinars.
  • A – After creating content, we have to start driving traffic ie; Attention to our content by using different methods like SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media Management and referrals.
  • T – Now its time to build some Trust because business run on trust through re-targeting, marketing automation..etc
  • T – Finally we have to speak about the numbers ie; Transactions for our service/product. Converting people to customers.

Learning’s – CATT funnel is Content -> Attention -> Trust -> Transaction

Now lets discuss about Integrated Digital Marketing and how to use this?

Actually the word, Integrated Digital Marketing sound bit vague but this is just the executing version of the above CATT funnel, if you have not read consciously now you can read the above step.

This is something hunting as a pack rather than use one technique because only SEO can’t give us desired results and at the same time only Paid Ads or only Social Media Ads or only Email Marketing can’t give us the desired results.

However, if we can put all these techniques together to perform then it will show it’s performance as of team of all these techniques and this team can give us the desired results. (Because matches can be only won with team performance)

So, now we have came to the end of this discussion and let us summarize what we have learnt so far;

  1. Marketing – Marketing should be used to know about the customer needs and pain points and not for the pushing of products/services because marketing done for bad product/service can take us closer to shut down our business.
  2. Branding – In today’s world in order to create some impact we have to create some brand presence. (Example – digitaldeepak as a person, Virat Kohli is not only a cricketer but also a brand, apple as a corporate so on and so forth. So, creating some brand for product/service or ourselves is very important.
  3. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – As we have learned no matter what we are doing the fundamentals of marketing will remain same and we have to use depending up on the product or service we are going to promote.
  4. CATT funnel – Simple but effective C – Content, A – Attention, T – Trust & T – Transaction. Very important and if we do this right, our half job is done.
  5. Integrated Digital Marketing – Just executing the above plan and going as a team to win because teams win matches.


Let me know your learning’s from your business or from your experiences in the comment below.

Until then I would like to take a leave by saying bye 🖐. Happy Marketing!

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