How to get a job in 24 hours

Hey hi,

Don’t worry, you are going to crack the job in next 24 hours, I assure you 🙂

Here I gonna tell you the ‘How to get a Job in 24 hours!’ So lets dive into the topic

When I read this line I was intimidated and i felt that I was burden to this earth because it’s been more than 3 days that i’m unable to get even a single call from the recruiter.

But somehow I started thinking about this line on that day evening and discovered the strategy to get a job in 24 hours.

Let’s discuss about that strategy now, there are 3 main areas:

  • Warm-up
  • Getting Ready &
  • Let’s go mode

Step 1 – Warm-up

Let’s discuss one by one, first let’s start with warm-up and what is this warm-up in the first place:

I had intentionally picked this word ‘warm-up’ because you have to do some warm-up now, not just physically but also mentally.

What does i mean actually? In this context, you have to believe in yourself, your capabilities, your contribution to your previous company’s and teams and should not lose your hope for the next 24 hours.

Tips to be considered to finish the step 1:

Tip 1

Quickly recollect the work you have done so far in your life and pick the one or two roles you have had a great time along with some good appreciation from that respective work.

Like sales, customer support, design, backend/frontend developer, android/ios developer, analyst so on and so forth, the list goes on but it doesn’t matter what you select, only one thing matter ie; Being honest.

You should be brutally honest about Tip 1!

Tip 2

I hope you’re honest and I presume that you are honest at least to yourself 🙂

So, now you know that what role you want to do and without wasting any more time just start preparing the resume for that role. You can use any resume builder like MS Word, Google Doc, Canva but I suggest you use novoresume.

I use this personally and this is amazing because before recruiter gonna call you, he/she has to look at your resume and it should be something unique and this gives the edge over others.

Pro tip

Don’t select 2-3 roles from the step 1. In order to get the most out of it, select only one and make sure that so far in your life you have done that job exceptionally well.

Please select only one role and build a killer resume for that role.

Step 2 – Getting Ready

Don’t relax and don’t even allow the thought of relaxing because we have just started and we are in very good flow.

If you think about taking a break or going out for sometime then you are out of this league. Hope you are here to finish the step 2. I know you are here.

Tips to be considered to finish the step 2:

Tip 3 

This is very very simple, just shortlist the job portal’s but if you fail to do this properly then you end up taking more time.

I’m saying this because there are few standard portal’s that will help us but for example design roles you should have published your work on sites dribbble, behance..etc

and for sales or customer success role it is very important to have a proof that your clients had appreciated you and your company or teammate appreciated you to close that sale or customer ticket. (If you don’t have one, it’s okay, but don’t create one to show)

These are sites I used to crack mine and by the way I’m a sales guy 🙂

  1. Indeed
  2. Instahyre
  3. Angel list

Tip 4

Now, you have shortlisted your portals and it’s time to fill the required details on these sites.

Make sure that you fill what is there in your resume and don’t be in-consistent in different portals. You no need to worry because you already won the 85% of the race because almost everyone make this mistake.

Don’t be unrealistic with your Expected CTC field because there are lot of people who are applying for the same job and if you want you can put different expected CTC on different portals.

Make sure you give the right information and fill all the required fields especially name, mobile number, email. Don’t make silly mistakes.

Tip 5

Now you finished the creating part and it’s time to applying for companies out there.

And the good part is you can filter the companies on these portals by giving instructions like job location, Expected CTC, job role, company size, Industry of the company..etc

You can just apply to those shortlisted companies, that’s more than enough my friend 🙂

Pro tip

After all this, perhaps you are wondering what about LinkedIn, I intentionally skipped it because don’t go for batting without the bat.

(LinkedIn is the mother of all job portals, please don’t ignore and make sure you put the same info which is in your resume and apply in LinkedIn as well)

Step 3 – Let’s Go

Now you can relax and yes, you read it correct, you can relax and probably go out for a short walk and have a mild coffee if you wish.

But do remember we are yet to get an offer letter, okay! Last tips to follow;

Tip 6

Answer the calls of all the recruiters and make sure that your mobile has at least 50% battery because don’t do silly mistakes like low battery, bad network..etc

Use headphones or bluetooth headset till you get the offer letter. Why am I telling this because you have applied for quite a few companies and there is very less chance that you gonna remember all those.

So, when the recruiter calls you, you can quickly check the company details on google and get a sense of what is that company all about. Trust me, if you are able to do this then you are done with 90% of the work to get the offer letter.

Tip 7

Probably last one my dear friend, tell the same story when they ask about yourself and your previous work experience however you can add bit of masala to that particular company if you want to get in to it. I mean if you have some special interest in that company.

But make sure that you don’t just bluff and end up being lost.

Pro tip

I think this is the 3rd pro tip, just checking, yes it is the 3rd one dude and it is very important ie;

Always say I can join on immediate basis and if you want, you can say – If you send me offer letter now, i’ll join tomorrow morning!

Let me know if you need any help in clearing the interview process or some other thing in the comments or just email me – [email protected]

That’s it, we are done now! 3 steps, 7 tips and 3 pro tips and you are able to get back your respect and everything back but only one thing is pending, that is, you have to give me the treat 🙂

So, tell me when are you going to give me a treat!

Hey, I’m just kidding! 🙂

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